Different popular Shiva Temple in India | Qualities of Shiva

Shiva is the Hindu deity and is worshiped in India by Shaivaites as a demolisher of sin or bad elements spread all around the Universe. Dozens of temples are devoted to Shiva across India and other countries. If you are passionate about knowing the different temples of Lord Shiva, we are giving details about many Shiva temples in India. Quality of Shiva


Lord Mahadev, the creator, and destroyer of the universe is the prime deity of Hindus. Mahashivratri is one of the most sacred festivals of Hindus. It is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva. But What does Mahashivratri mean? Why do we celebrate Mahashivratri? And what is the difference between Shivratri and Mahashivratri? So, let’s know more about Mahashivratri.

Is it good to wear Shiv Trishul rudraksha bracelet?

Rudraksha is interpreted as meaning of “eye of Rudra”. Rudra is one of the Vedic names of Lord Mahadev. Hindus use dried rudraksha stones as prayer beads. Sadhus and Sanyasis wear rudraksha beads on their necks and hands, representing devotees of Lord Shiva. The waking, dreaming, and sleeping characteristics of human life represent three Gunas’ Satya, Rajas, and Tamas’.

Why Mahadev linga is worshipped | Different kinds of Shiva Linga?

Lord Shiva is the Adiyogi. He is the first Guru who taught yogic sciences to the Saptarishis. Also, Mahadev is an innocent and highly satisfying god with minimum prayers. It is believed that he easily grants a boon to his disciples when they chant panchakshari. Hence, he is called Bholenath. Place a bhole nath image in your house and chant “Om Namashivaya” daily to get rid of obstacles in all walks of your life. 

Powerful bholenath mantras for happiness in English

When you are angry, you indeed feel a sort of vibration in your body. This is the vibration developed as a result of negative energy due to anger. This negative energy disturbs our thoughts, feelings, intentions and finally destroys our internal consciousness. A minor offense can create negative energy or negative vibrations. Similarly, positive energy or positive vibrations can be made in the body by a helpful tool.

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