How many different forms of Nandi Bhagwan in Shiva temples?

The main attraction in any Mahadev temple is Nandiswara. Nandiswara or Nandi cow is a divine seated bull that appears in front of Lord Shiva, facing God once you enter any Siva temple. Nandi bull significance and Nandi symbol are shown in the blog. Nandi meaning is a loving cow and a prime vahana of Lord Shiva.

The giant monolithic Nandi statues can be seen in various parts of India. A 15 ft by 27 ft dimension Nandi statue is located in Mahanandiswara Swami temple in Andhra Pradesh.

Nandi Bhagwan
Nandi Bhagwan


Who is Nandi Bull or Nandi Bhagwan or what is nandi bull significance ?

Nandi Bull is also called a Nandi shiva or Nandi cow and is a bull calf. According to Saivite Siddhanta tradition, the Nandi bull is chief of the eight students of Nandinatha Sampradaya, namely, Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanandana, Sanatkumara, Tirumular, Vyagrapada, Patanjali, and Sivayoga Muni, who were sent to eight different places, to spread knowledge of yog.

Also, Nandi, means “delight” or “cheerful”. So, one who is delighted or happy, then he/she is nandi. 

History and story of Nandi Bull :

  • Nandi grew up to be a very devoted person to Lord Shiva and is finally appointed as a great devotee or permanent sevaks of Shiva. He helps Shiva in his meditation as his gatekeeper.
  • Nandi learned Yog and Tantric from Shiva and goddess Parvati. Shiva gave a divine understanding of yoga and tantra sadhana to eight of his disciples, known as the ancestors of Nandinatha Sampradaya, namely, Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanandana, Sanatkumara, Tirumular, Vyagrapada, Patanjali, and Sivayoga Muni. The eight students were sent to Nandi in eight different ways to disseminate this information.
  • Hanuman destroys Ravana’s ego by burning the beautiful Lanka because of Nandi curse. Nandi once cursed Ravana (king of the demons of Lanka) after a conflict between Nandi and Ravana.

Significance of Vastu Nandi Bull :

The Nandi Bull Vastu is made of copper or brass, and it seems to be lucky for business and household works. It can remove any unexpected disaster or loss of trade with reliable business partners and business obligations. For household works, it helps to promote peace in one’s social life by maintaining a healthy and peaceful atmosphere in homes.

Person praying mahadev
Person praying mahadev
Huge status of Nandi Bull
Huge status of Nandi Bull

How to pray to Nandi ? 

Offering prayer at the Shiv temple is said to be incomplete without expressing wishes in Nandi’s ears. Therefore, Nandi is placed in front of all Shiva temples, just before the Shiva temple.

All Devotees who wish to worship or prays to Nandi can recite this mantra for better well-being in the temple:

ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे चक्रतुन्दय धीमहि। तन्नो नंदी: प्रचोदयात॥

Marriage of Nandi :

Nandi never wanted to leave Mahadev and always wanted to worship and serve him for his entire life. But, when Mahadev asked him for marriage, he denied it by saying that his only life goal was to serve Mahadev. But Mahadev lately explained the importance of marriage life and asked him to get married to bring completeness in life.

As per the Shatarudra Sahita of the Shiva Purana. Nandi decided to marry Siyasha Marut’s divine daughter.

How did Nandi bull die ?

Nandi is immortal and can never die a natural death. But, as per the belief, when Lord Shiva drank the poison exploded from snakes King Vasuki during Sagar Manthan, his entire throat gets turned into blue. And to save his master and out of love, Nandi drank the spilled poison.

But, the Nandi was immortal and could never die. So, Nandi survived the poison and has shown the importance of love for his master.

Shiva temple
Shiva temple
Bell in temple for praying gods.
Bell in temple for praying gods

Best Mahadev Temples to visit in India for workshipping Nandi :

  • The major attraction of Chamundi hills near Mysore, Karnataka is the beautifully carved monolithic statue of Nandi.
  • The sacred bull mount in Bruhadeswara temple in Tamil Nadu is made of a single stone weighing 20 Tonnes.
  • The biggest Nandi statue of 12 feet by 9 feet can be worshipped inside the Ramanathaswamy Temple at Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu.
  • There are new Nandi temples named Prathama Nandi, Vishnu Nandi, Naga Nandi, Soma Nandi, Maha Nandi, Vinayaka Nandi located in Nandyal, India.

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Mahadev in Deep Meditation
Mahadev in Deep Meditation

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