Is it good to wear Shiv Trishul rudraksha bracelet?

Rudraksha is interpreted as meaning of “eye of Rudra”. Rudra is one of the Vedic names of Lord Mahadev. Hindus use dried rudraksha stones as prayer beads. Sadhus and Sanyasis wear rudraksha beads on their necks and hands, representing devotees of Lord Shiva. The waking, dreaming, and sleeping characteristics of human life represent three Gunas’ Satya, Rajas, and Tamas’.

Benefits of wearing Rudraksh?

  • Trishul eradicates this three consciousness.
  • Wearing Shiv Trishul Rudraksha symbolizes destroying all kinds of sufferings with fire.
  • Rudraksha helps you inner peace and well being.
Mahadev Rudraksh Mala
Mahadev always wear rudraksh

Why Rudraksha gives so much satisfaction in ones life ?

  • Human life is full of desires and emotional bindings. One can feel happy when he or she releases his or her unwanted emotional binds and unethical desires.
  • There are many means of achieving this, and as per holy Vedas, praying is one of the tools to control the mind and realizing life goals.
  • Also, Puranas emphasizes different forms of “Akruties” to worship god. God’s Swarupa or image is created with different types of molds and used for worship.

Beauty of Nature
Beauty of Nature
Mahadev wearing rudraksh
Mahadev wearing rudraksh

What is Karma? How we accumulate?

Everyone wants to have a healthy and happy life. Sorrow and suffering are an integral part of life.

  • No one can escape from ‘Karma’. The results of ‘Karma’ can be happy or sorrowful.
  • Most of the thoughts and beliefs can be manifested by one’s behavior, attitude, or external attributes.
  • These things can be regulated and controlled by way of guiding spiritual objects.

Benefits of wearing Shiv Trishul rudraksha bracelet

Nowadays, miniature-type symbols of Lord Shiva have become popular, and one of them is shiv Trishul rudraksha which symbolizes the ethnic reality of praying Lord Mahadev.

  • Shiv Trishul rudraksha bracelet is one such object; by wearing it, one can control their anger, ego, emotions, and attitude.
  • The physical touch of this bracelet will indulge positive thinking and convert you to remember your life goal on each walks of life. This is a measuring tool for spiritual impedance.
  • It eases the resistance created in one’s human brain towards positive thinking and directs the power of concentration.

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