On which wall or in which direction should be the sticker of bholenath be placed ?

As per the vasthu, Eeshanya, the corner of North-East, is the auspicious location for keeping Lord Mahadev Puja Mandap in a house. It is believed that Eeshanya sthana is the Brahma sthana for all Gods. The powerful energy emitter is Lord Bholenath, and his energy spreads the entire house from Eeshanya, protecting from evil energy. Let us get the detailed answer of on which wall or in which direction should be the sticker of bholenath be placed and how to use the Mahadev wallpaper?

in which direction should be the sticker of bholenath be placed ?
in which direction should be the sticker of bholenath be placed ?

North-East Direction is considered as the best direction for putting Mahadev’s pics

  • Placing a Bholenath photo in the North-East direction is nothing but putting an energy-generating center with dynamism. Always, power and Shakthi are inseparable.
  • One can easily find a Mahadev sticker for a bike online and can buy it. It is everyone’s firm belief that placing a religious sticker on bikes will make our travel safer.
  • The sense of the presence of Lord Shiva protects us during driving with no distortion. 

Mahadev Wallpaper
Mahadev Wallpaper
Mahadev Wallpaper
Mahadev Wallpaper

Important points to be noted before using Bholenath images or stickers are :

  • Observation of Bholanath image before starting meditation for a considerable time will help all devotees invoke bholenath image at their Bhrukuti, which is the center part of both eyebrows.
  • A clearer and crisper image aid the successful meditation process. Because of increased pixels, a high-definition (HD) photo is a generally more extensive, more transparent, more comprehensive, and crisper image.
  • A significantly higher quality photo is a high-resolution photo with more pixels per inch (ppi). Any image with more than 760 pixels is termed as HD category, and more up to 1080 minimizes blurs. Placement of a lord shiva HD images in meditating halls or houses will help meditators for invocation of Lord Mahadev.
  • Observation of bholenath sticker hd induces the positive dynamic energy flow through Bhrukuti and realize them to reach their subconscious mind. 
  • With advanced technologies, advanced imaging is blasting all over. The latest technological result is the production of 3d images. The technique of creating the depth in an image and length and breadth is called 3d imaging. This newest technique is used in the production of Bholenath wallpaper 3d, which gives the realistic appearance of Lord Mahadev. These wallpapers on the wall create the illusion of the presence of Lord Shiva in our house.
Mahadev Mala made of Rudraksh
Mahadev Mala made of Rudraksh
 Mahadev Wallpaper in the North-East Direction
Mahadev Wallpaper in the North-East Direction

How to worship Bholenath all time?

  • Another greatest invention of technological excellence is the mobile phone. Nowadays, bholenath puja mandir is not needed to worship Lord Shiva. Your mobile phone itself is a puja mandir.
  • You can easily download bholenath wallpaper for mobile online and install it as wallpaper on your mobile. There are plenty of HD 1080p quality images are available for download from the internet.
  • Just typing lord shiva images hd 1080p download in Google search will direct you to appropriate websites to download images of your interest.
  • This image on your mobile is also a fascinating element of religious devotion. A home that’s devoted to peace, harmony, and well-being, creates a balance between you and the surrounding energy.
  • A print of bhole baba wallpaper hd 1080p download of suitable size can be done with a color laser printing machine. These prints can be used on the walls of a room in your home to convert it to Dhyana Sthal.
  • Meditating in Dhyana Sthal surrounded by bholenath wallpaper 3d images will enhance resonating energy of the individual, thereby healing mind, body, and soul.

You can check more cool mahadev wallpaper from google image.

People Workshipping Mahadev
People Workshipping Mahadev

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