What are the offerings at Shiva temple Kizhur?

One of the legendary Mahadev temples of Northern Kerala state of India is Sree Kizhur Maha Shiva Temple. It is located at Payyali, Kozhikode District. It is also considered the oldest temple in the world. This is considered one of the best Shiva temples in Kerala.

If you are from Kerala and if you are searching for a “Shiva temple near me” on Google, then we suggest you advise of visiting this place. This place must be in your must-visit temple in Kerala. Although this temple is not the biggest Shiva temple in India, but it is one of the oldest Shiva temples in the world.

Shiva in meditation

Why is Kizhur Shiva temple is so famous ?

  • A fire was found on a pillar and this jwala was worshipped as a deity.  
  • The deity faces west and its prithista is on a five feed high piller. 
  • The main ritual performed here is Dhara.  The Hindu ritual dance, Thidambu that is dancing with carrying the decorated image of the deity on the head is performed.  
  • There is Velichappadu (oracle) in the temple, unlike other Shiva temples.  The revealer of God’s light and mediator between a deity and devotee is Velichappadu. 
Adiyogi temple at Tamil Nadu

A Buddhist enjoying the beauty of nature.

Different activities and offering at Kizhur Shiva temple :

  • The last five days of Vrichikam month are precious and the annual festival is performed in this temple. 
  • The festival begins with Kodiyattam which uses drama from ancient Sanskrit theatre and is the only surviving art form recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of Humanity.  
  • A ritual Arattu is performed at the end of the festival in which the priest bathes the idol of the deity in the nearby river or a temple tank. 
Nature at its best
Nature at its best

An image showing hills near kedarnath temple
An image showing hills near kedarnath temple
Kedarnath temple
Kedarnath temple
Har har mahadev
Har har mahadev

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