Trishul Damru rudraksh Twinkling Bejeweled Rings Pack of 4

Trishul Damru rudraksh Twinkling Bejeweled Rings Pack of 4


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Shiv Shiva Jyotish Yellow Kauri


Shiv Shiva Jyotish Yellow Kauri

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Cowrie is a rare product found in the ocean. The possession of Yellow Laxmi Kaudi is considered very good for wealth. It is believed to bring financial prosperity. Yellow Laxmi Kaudi is of great significance in the worship of Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Vishnu. It is also used during the pooja of Goddess Baglamukhi, Maha Kaali ji and Lord Bhairav ji. Kaudi Seeds comes various types and they all target to different things. If you have been looking for the prosperity and money, you must by Kaudi Seeds. It plays a wide role to get rid of poverty and attract money. Kaudi Seeds are consider very sacred and auspicious. You may place them in your money box, living room, work place or pooja place. It plays a wide role to make the place sacred and auspicious. When you keep it at your accommodation, negative waves go away from you. Natural Yellow Kaudi / Kawdi / Kowdi / Kaudi / Cowry / Cowrei Laxmi Kowdi for Wealth & Prosperity for blessing of Devi Lakshmi.

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Bring Calmness, prosperity, and blessing of Mahadev with these stylish and antique Mala or jewellery. These Mala have been designed with the best quality raw materials for giving you a stunning and fashionable look. The different component of the Mala has its significance and importance.


Quality of Shiva Mala:

  • No issues of color fading and discoloration.
  • Sullery Brand Mala Latest Design.
  • Anti-Allergy, won’t cause any allergic reaction on any skin.
  • Best raw material being used for the creation of the Mala.


Benefits of wearing this Shiva Mala:

  • It will protect you from bad vibes.
  • It helps you balance your karmic accumulation.
  • It will enhance your physic powers.
  • You will feel calm & fulfilled.
  • It will give you spiritual and religious growth and make you always motivated and blessed to reach your destination.
  • It helps you in improving your motivation to complete tasks
  • It helps in improving your health too.
  • Shiva is the god of wisdom, so by wearing this Mala, you will also follow the same path by the grace of Shiva.


The religious meaning of the pendant:

  • This pendant is symbolic of Lord Shiva, who is considered one of the Tri-Devs in Hinduism.
  • This pendant not only uplifts your spiritual journey but also your wealth and economic condition as well.


Trishula in Hinduism:

  • A trident divine symbol symbolic of Lord Shiva.
  • It is one of the chief symbols in Hinduism.

What is Trishula?

  • Trishula is a pointed trident weapon placed on a stick. And it is also the weapon of Lord Shiva.
  • That’s why it holds a respected place in the hearts of followers of Hinduism.

What does Trishula Signifies?

  • Trishula signifies how lord shiva has permanently removed harmful elements of society, and
  • further, it has also got some deeper and spiritual meaning.

Damru in Hinduism:

  • Damru is a musical instrument that is also symbolic of Lord Shiva. It is used in Hinduism as well as Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Lord Shiva is believed to be created himself, and his Damru produces the sound by which the whole universe is guided.

What is Damru?

  • Damru is a two-headed drum with attached thick thread along which a beaded structure is attached which when beats on the drum produce a clear, bold sound.

What does Damru Signifies?

  • Damru signifies the sound or vibration from which the entire world is born out.
  • Lord Shiva is always being expressed as a sound, and he loves the sound of damru.

Benefits of Tirshula and Damru Mala

  • Being a holy sign, it gives spiritual as well as mental peace to the wearer.
  • It is believed to eradicate all the troubles of the go, going, and coming time. It brings happiness, calmness, and peace in life.


Occasions suitable to wear the Mala

  • This is an everyday wear mala.
  • It doesn’t matter you are in the office, school or college, or at home or somewhere else, wear this always and feel the positivity around you.


Who can wear this Mala?

  • This Mala is not for any age-specific or issue-specific group of people. Everyone can wear it, be it a child, teenager, adult, or elderly.
  • It can be used by ill as well as healthy people too. Everyone can wear this Mala.


For whom to buy?

  • This Mala can be bought for yourself, a family member, or a friend.
  • It is gift material so that it can be gifted to anyone without any hesitation.


On which occasion can these Mala be gifted?

  • Well, holy gifts can be gifted on any occasion. Gifts like the statue of a divine figure or any symbol of the religious figure are not occasioned specifically.
  • They can be given in any situation, be it Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day.
  • Moreover, you can gift it without any occasion too.
  • Giving blessings in the form of symbols of divinity doesn’t require any experience. Sometimes we want to gift something to our loved ones without any reason for every such feeling; it can be the best choice.


How to take care of the Mala?

  • Please keep it away from direct heat.
  • Please keep it away from deodorants and perfumes.
  • Please keep it away from water and chemicals.
  • Please keep it away from alcohol.


Safety Information:

  • Avoid using strong or harsh chemicals or washing ingredients while washing the product.
  • Avoid using a harsh washing machine for cleaning the dirt of the product.


Legal Disclaimer:

  • We ensure that all notes written for the product description are correct.
  • Colour of the product may vary to a shallow extent because of the camera used for capturing the product.
  • Please have a look at the dimensions mentioned in the product’s description for further clarification.



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