Where is Kallekulangara Shiva temple?

Today we will be going to learn about the one of the most ancient Shiva temple located at Kallekulangara, Palakkad Dist Kerala, India . This temple is Chendamangalam Shivalaya Temple. This temple is located just before the eastern direction of Goddess Hemambika also known as Emoor Bhagavathy.

Devotees visit this Mahadev temple and offer their prayers. For achieving tranquillity and eternal peace, pilgrims participate in Nirmala Darshan.  This temple can be reached by traveling eight kilometers from Palakkad town by road to Malampuzha Dam.

Visiting Shiva temple gives you inner peace
Visiting Shiva temple gives you inner peace

Know more important information related to Chendamangalam Shivalaya Temple :

  • One can find fearful and auspicious attributes of Shiva’s appearance in ancient Vedas.  
  • The hidden meaning of Linga is the union of stable principles of the universe. 
  • Hindu believe Shiva deity is a metaphysical discipline.
  • Shiva temple is like a healing place particularly well-being, strength, energy and sexual fertility.
  • Visiting the Shiva temple induces energy and heal all seven chakras of the human body.
  • Kshetra-Kala principles are the state of art used in the construction of this Shiva temple in the Western Ghats.

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