Pyramid Vastu Products

About the product:

  1. This idol is in the shape of a pyramid and is significant of ideals of Lord Mahadev
  2. It is made by sizing up a lavish and valuable crystal which looks very elegant and spreads a motivational aura all around.


Pyramid Vastu Products consisting of a pyramid is supposed to bring luck to your life. It is believed that if you have this pyramid at your home or your workspace, Mahadev himself appears to bless you with luck whenever you want to.

Pyramid Vastu Products also symbolises height and motivates you to reach new heights everyday.


Where to keep it?

You may keep this pyramid crystal at the following places:

  1. Workspace
  2. Study Table
  3. Office
  4. Near your bed


A friend of yours attracting bad luck most of the time? He/she needs this idol in their life. Bless them with good luck and you’ll almost become an angel figure in their life.

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