What is the benefits of Shiva linga DANAM to the temple?

Many of our Gods like Rama, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra have performed Shiva Linga Pratishtha to fulfill their Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha aspirations. This procedure has become a ritual and has been adopted by all. We will be going to learn different methods and benefits of performing Shiva linga DANAM to temple.

The benefits and methods of of performing Shiva linga temple can be learned from this article, you will gradually get to learn many things related to Shiva linga DANAM.

Shiva linga DANAM
Shiva linga DANAM

Many people perform Shiva Linga danam for getting moksha. Shiva linga danam is performed in many sacred places and temples. After linga danam linga pritishtha will be served as per the procedure given in Agama Shastra.

Procedure for performing behind Shiva linga danam are:

  • Regular pujas should be performed after linga danam and pratishtha.
  • This puja mainly involves various sevas offerings with snana, dhupa, deepa and neivedya. Rudrabhishekam will be performed with sacred water.
  • Abhishekas and sevas will be performed regularly to Shiva Linga. Mahadev’s blessings will always be there with the whole family of the person who conducts Linga Danam.
  • The father of the entire universe is Mahadev, who creates, protects, and transforms this universe.
  • Reciting ‘Om Namashivaya’ keeps one’s mind balanced and free from sorrows.

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Shiva linga
Shiva lingam

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